​Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you move....?
A: If it's too big for a furniture mover, we almost certainly can move it, and there's a very good chance we already have moved something similar. Our extensive list of projects includes everything from document safes for the 440th Airlift Wing, gigantic murals at art musuems, hull sections of the Titanic at the public museum, massive engines flying overseas on one of the biggest planes ever built, numerous machines in all sorts of factories, all the way up 300 ton substation transformers and 500 ton turbine rotor shafts.

Q: What do you charge to give an estimate?
Absolutely nothing. All estimates are free unless they require undue travel (airfare, more than a day driving, etc) at which point the estimate will be free but some charges to cover the travel costs may apply. Such charges may be waived if the estimate is accepted by the customer and results in work being performed.

Q: Is Hennes a union company?
A: Hennes is signatory to multiple unions, including Ironworkers Local 8, Sheetmetal Workers Local 18, Operators Local 139, Teamsters Local 200, Pipefitters Local 601, and Millwrights Local 2337.

Q: Why should I hire a union company?
A: The most prominent offering is training of members. We're proud to say that the vast majority of our employees have gone through an apprenticeship program and have extensive continuing education sponsored by the unions in both trade skills and safety disciplines. This puts their level of safety training and trade skill knowledge at a pinnacle in the marketplace. The impact is directly realized by customers in a greatly reduced accident rate, greatly diminished odds of any damage to equipment or property, and an increased speed of the task at hand. We also benefit from access to hiring halls at most unions which allows us great flexibility in staffing. If a customer is in immediate need of more manpower than we have on hand, we're able to call the hall to request more employees from them and we can even request based upon training requirements, such as requesting only those who have rigging and signaling qualification cards.